Reading Room Article Week of January 29, 2024

HELLO FRIENDS 👋 –  the Christian Science Sentinel and/or Christian Science Journal articles for consideration with next week’s Lesson on “LOVE” are:
1.  “ Loose Him, And Let Him Go”
      by Samuel F. Swantees
      from the October 20, 1923 CSS
2.  “Joyous Acknowledgement”
       by Aileen E. Wavro
       from the July 7, 1945 CSS
    🎵 Sorrow and sighing flee away,
         For joy cometh in the morning 🎶
                       (Hymn # 425)
    “ The Lord bless thee and keep thee “
With love, Tim
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Jesus raises Lazarus (Section 4) by Harold Copping


Peter denies Jesus (Section 5) by Carl Heinrich Bloch

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