Reading Room Article Week of September 26, 2022

Members & Friends –
The Reading Room article for next week’s
Bible Lesson on “UNREALITY” is titled
“Arise Up Quickly”.  It’s from the May 1965
Christian Science Journal and was written
by Jeanne R. Price. You’ll find it waiting for
you in the study room (or via the link below).
The companion article for the week is from
the August 31, 1946 Christian Science
Sentinel and was authored by Constance F. Burnham.  The title is “Thine Own House”
and can also be found in the study room
(or by link).
     🎵 In this pure eternal union
            We behold the perfect man 🎶
                        (Hymn # 370)
Cheers, Tim
CSRR / FCCS / Ashland, OR
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can be added to our distribution list by
just emailing a request to me.)


Thine Own House


Paralytic lowered through the roof to be healed by Christ Jesus (Section 3) by J. Kirk Richards



Peter freed from prison by Angel (Section 5) by Bartolome Murillo

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