Reading Room Article Week of June 20, 2022

Members & Friends –

The Reading Room article for next week’s
Bible Lesson on “CHRISTIAN SCIENCE” is
from the May 24, 1952 edition of the
Christian Science Sentinel.  It was penned
by Peggy Scott and titled “He Hath Sent
Me”.  You know where it can be found in
the study room (or tap the link below).
Also on hand for additional research is the
article “Skill In Comfort’s Art” written by
Harold Molter for the July 2, 1955 issue of
the CSS. It’s in the study room also (or via
the link below).
       🎵  The Comforter is with us  🎶
                         (Hymn # 601)
Cheers, Tim
CSRR / FCCS / Ashland, OR



Img 6286

Christ Jesus reading from Esaias (Sec 1) by Greg K. Olsen


Img 6287

Christ Jesus calls the 12 disciples (Sec 4) by Walter Rane

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