Reading Room Article Week of June 6, 2022

Members & Friends –

The Reading Room article for next week’s
Bible Lesson on “GOD THE PRESERVER OF MAN” was penned for the January 30, 1943
issue of the Christian Science Sentinel by
Ethel D. Hubbard. The name of the article is
“Two Yokes”.  You will find it in the regular
spot at the study room (or by tapping the
link below).
Those desiring to dig deeper may find their
searching rewarded in Albert F. Gilmore’s
article titled “By Prayer And Fasting” from
the April 23, 1927 edition of the CSS. It’s
also at the study room (or via the link below).
🎵  Faint not nor fear, His arms are near  🎶
                         (Hymn # 59)
Cheers, Tim
CSRR / FCCS / Ashland, OR

Two Yokes

By Prayer and Fasting



Christ Jesus feeding the multitude (Section 4) by James Seward



Christ Jesus healing the boy the disciples had failed to heal (Section 5) by Unknown

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