Reading Room Article Week of February 20, 2022

Members & Friends –

The Reading Room article for next week’s
Bible Lesson “CHRIST JESUS” is “Fishers
Of Men”.  It was written by John Tutt and
appeared in the July 1956 issue of the
Christian Science Journal. You can find it
at the usual location in the study room
(or via the link below).
Also awaiting you in the study room is
Paul Stark Seeley’s article “The Mustard
Seed And The Mountain”.  It was written
for the November 30, 1946 edition of the
Christian Science Sentinel.  (Accessible
as well by tapping the link below).
🎵   O Jesus, our dear Master  🎶
                 (Hymn # 221)
CSRR / FCCS / Ashland, OR
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can be added to our distribution list by
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The Mustard Seed and the Mountain

John baptizing Jesus (Responsive Reading & Section 1) by Guido Reni



Jesus expelling money-changers from temple (Section 3) by Nicolas Colombel


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