Reading Room Article Week of January 30, 2022

Members & Friends –

The Reading Room article for next week’s
Bible Lesson on “SPIRIT” is from the
October 1917 issue of the Christian Science
Journal. It was written by Caroline Getty and
the title is “The Seven Churches”.  It will be
waiting for you in the study room (and via
the link below).
And there’s also some ideas to explore in
the article “Such As I Have Give I Thee”.  It
appeared in the September 24, 1966 issue
of the Christian Science Sentinel and was
written by Margaret Shriver.  It’s in the
study room too (or by tapping the link
🎵 O church of God, with Book unsealed 🎶
(Hymn # 176)
CSRR / FCCS / Ashland, OR
(Feel free to share with CS friends. They
can be added to our distribution list by
just emailing a request to me.)


“Such as I have give I thee”

Jesus and disciples at Caesarea Philippi (Section 3) by William Hole


Peter and John healing lame man (Section 6) by Raphael

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