Reading Room Article Week of December 27

Members & Friends –

The Reading Room article for next week’s
Bible Lesson on “GOD” was written by
Elizabeth B. Luerssen and appeared in the
August 4, 1980 issue of the Christian
Science Sentinel. It’s title is “Reach For An
Angel”.  You will need to use the link below as the Reading Room is still being repaired.
Also awaiting you via link this
week is Julia W. Michael’s “I Am”. It offers
some additional perspective for anyone
wanting to dig deeper. It is from the
May 22, 1915 edition of the CSS. (It is
also accessible by using the link below).
🎵  I am the Lord  🎵🎶
(Hymn # 499)

RR Librarian

P.S. Please feel free to share with CS
friends. They can be added to our
distribution list by just emailing a
request to me.

Reach for an angel!

“I AM”


Moses before the burning bush (Section 1) by Domenico Fetti



Jacob and the ladder to heaven (Section 2) by Frans Francken

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