Reading Room Article Week of November 29

Members and Friends –

The Reading Room article for next week’s
AND CREATOR” was written by Doris J.
Keller and is from the August 1950 issue
of the Christian Science Journal. The title
is “In The Press Behind”.  You are likely
to find it in the study room (or by tapping
the link below).
Also included this week is Violet Seymer’s
article “He Put Them All Out”.  It is from
the April 25, 1936 edition of the Christian
Science Sentinel. It’s in the study room
too (or via the link below).
🎵  The power that filled the garment’s
hem  🎵🎶
(Hymn # 96)Tim
RR Librarian

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“He put them all out”


Who touched me?  (Section 4) by William Hole


Christ Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter (Section 4) by Harold Copping

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