Reading Room Article Week of June 21

Members & Friends –
The Reading Room article for next week’s Bible Lesson “CHRISTIAN SCIENCE” was written by Duncan Sinclair and first appeared in the
June 24,1922 edition of the Christian Science Sentinel. It’s title is “Divine Comfort”.  You will
find it waiting for you in the study room (or by
using the link below).
And for those wanting to dig a bit deeper you
may wish to review Marceil R. DeLacy’s article entitled “As a grain of mustard seed”.  It’s from
the October 20, 1968 issue of the CSS. In the
study room for you (or via the link below).

🎵 O Science, God-sent message 🎵🎶
(Hymn # 221)

RR Librarian

P.S. Please feel free to share. If you have any CS friends you think may enjoy our weekly article efforts pass along their email address (hopefully after getting their permission) and I’m happy to add them to our distribution list.

Divine Comfort

Click here to view:

“As a grain of mustard seed”

Click here to view:

The angel with the little book open (Section 2) by Christopher L. Scott



Christ Jesus teaching from a boat (Section 3) by Harold Copping


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