Irritating skin condition healed

Once I had an irritating skin condition over most of my body. At the time, I was working on a project that was intended to benefit students from around the world. It required lots of work by many dedicated people. Working with some of these “mental giants,” I often found myself feeling inadequate. In praying about the specific task I’d been assigned, I turned repeatedly to one particular Bible verse in Psalms: “As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness.” I needed to wake up to the fact that I was (and am) God’s likeness. This lifted my thought to a more spiritual level. And after many days of looking, through prayer, into God’s “face”–not some person’s–for affirmation of worth and satisfaction, I realized that the skin condition was gone. I not only felt satisfied–I felt inspired. My appearance even improved. Friends I hadn’t seen for a while asked what had happened to me.

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